Assistant Utility Operator (Part-Time)

AdCode:  1084
Date:  May 14, 2024
State:  OR
City:  Klamath Falls
Business Unit:  Pacific Coast Utilities
Category:  Field Operations
Job Type:  Part-Time

SouthWest Water is a privately-held, American-owned service company with decades of high-level customer service. Today, we serve over 600,000 residential and business customers in seven states: Alabama, California, Florida, Oregon, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas. Our teams work together to deliver clean, safe, and reliable water and wastewater services so that our customers and communities can thrive.

Part-Time Hourly Position

  • Regular work schedule of less than 30 hours per workweek

About Us

Imagine being part of a team that supplies the essential element for life. Water is the very foundation of this planet, the life-giving essence in all of us. Driven, knowledgeable and passionate about this essential resource, the Suburban Water Systems team, a subsidiary of SouthWest Water, is in the business of delivering a product everyone uses and depends on. 


We're proud of our work. We make a difference in the lives of people by providing them water and wastewater services daily. Don't wait, the opportunity is now to build yours and our planet's future with SouthWest Water!

Position Overview

The Assistant Utility Operator position is intended as an entry level water utility worker position. This position is different from the Utility Operator 1 in that it does not require DEQ or DWS certification. This position will require significant direction for performing the duties required for Potable Water System Operation and Maintenance, Wastewater Collection System Operation and Maintenance from more experienced department personnel.


Work Location: Position is based out of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

What We Offer

  • Starting Pay Range: $20 - $22/hour
  • 401k Company Match: 100% of the first 6% of byour eligible compensation contributed to the Plan
  • Vacation Accrual
  • Sick Time
  • Holiday Pay
  • Training and Professional Certifications

Job Responsibilities

Reasonable Accommodations Statement 
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable Accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
This position will be willing and able to perform the following duties and others as assigned:


  • Potable Water System Operation and Maintenance
    • Operate and maintain potable water facilities, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards. This includes managing reservoirs, pumps, valves, and conducting construction activities. 
    • Perform water meter installations, readings, and respond to customer service calls, addressing issues such as leaks, pressure concerns, and high bills. 
    • Uphold quality assurance by ensuring operations align with regulations, conducting sampling, testing, and preparing reports for regulatory agencies. 
    • Test backflow prevention devices, communicate with customers on necessary actions, and maintain a comprehensive Cross Control Program.
  • Wastewater Collection System Operation and Maintenance
    • Operate and maintain wastewater collection systems, responding to service calls, repairing pipelines, and addressing issues such as clogs and spills. 
    • Provide customer service by responding to calls, checking sewer backups, and locating sewer line problems.
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety
    • Attend safety classes, prioritize personnel safety, and report/correct hazards. Ensure the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and prioritize safety in decision-making. Adhere to stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) to comply with regulations and company policies.
  • On-Call Hours
    • Periodically will be considered to be available for on-call duty 24 hours a day. Will be available to respond and be present at the job location within the water system in a reasonable amount of time at times outside of normal business hours according to regulations and company policies.
  • Conduct daily inspections, collect operational data, and ensure equipment runs within desired limits.
  • Perform routine facility maintenance, inspect plant sites, and address unsafe conditions.
  • Maintain SCADA systems to monitor and control water system facilities efficiently.
  • Coordinate new customer connections to water and wastewater systems.

Position Qualifications

  • Knowledge of water systems and waste water collection 
  • Knowledge of water system hydraulics and wastewater treatment plant operation
  • Strong analytical skills, ability to use thinking and reasoning to effectively identify and solve water and waste water problems
  • Moderate level of proficiency with Microsoft Office 365 suite including Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with SAP preferred

Education and Certifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent is required Trade school (electrical, plumbing, etc.) preferred
  • Backflow Tester Certification - within 1 year of hire
  • DEQ Treatment Operator 1 - within 3 years of hire
  • OR - D1 (Water Distribution Grade 1)


Work Experience:

  • 1+ years of experience performing construction activities or working for a utility is preferred


Work Environment:

  • Works outdoors and at plant facilities
  • May be subject to adverse weather and environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, humidity and precipitation; noise and vibration from heavy equipment
  • Exposure to physical hazards from equipment with moving parts, high voltage electrical equipment, hazardous chemicals, bacteria in wastewater


Delivering High Quality Work
Supporting Coworkers
Communicating Effectively
Working Safely
Strategic Mindset
Making Accurate Judgments and Decisions
Decision Quality
Inspiring and Motivating Others

SouthWest Water Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It’s our policy to provide employment, training, compensation, promotion, and other opportunities based on qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, veteran status or disability, and in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.

Nearest Major Market: Medford